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Authorized Retailers


Purchasing from an authorized TIZO® reseller helps to ensure that your TIZO® products are authentic, fresh and have been handled correctly. To ensure your products are authentic and of high quality, please purchase only through an authorized source.

To find an authorized skin care professional or retailer near you, please visit our Locator for TIZO® brand products.


TIZO® is primarily sold through dermatologist’s offices, esthetic practices, estheticians, and spas. Many of these practices operate their own authorized web sites. In general, you should purchase from a Skin Care Professional that you know, and that is clearly identified on their web site.

The following online retailers are also authorized to sell TIZO® products:

  • LovelySkin.com
  • Amazon.com (ONLY if “Sold and shipped by Amazon” or by LovelySkin). Other 3rd party resellers on Amazon are considered unauthorized.


Unauthorized sites may carry products that are past their expiration date, spoiled, or counterfeit. These sites have no business relationship with TIZO® and do not purchase directly from us, and we can not confirm their authenticity or quality. Unauthorized retailers can pop up at any time, so the following list is not complete. If you have any question as to whether a site is authorized, please check the list above or call us with questions.

The following sites are not authorized to sell TIZO® products:

  • Walmart.com
  • Jet.com
  • eBay.com
  • Overstock.com
  • PlatinumSkinCare.com
  • MakeupAlley.com


Diversion occurs when products are sold by unauthorized retailers. Since unauthorized retailers have no relationship with our company, we do not know where they obtained the TIZO® they are selling and we consider these products to be diverted.

Diverted products may be old, expired formulas that may not be safe to use, or may even be counterfeit. This means that if you purchase from an outlet other than one of our authorized retailers, we cannot guarantee that the products are authentic or that they will perform as tested.