Zinc Oxide

There’s a good reason why Zinc Oxide is considered the best sunscreen ingredient. Or, rather, there are many! There are also many reasons why TIZO Ultra Zinc SPF 40 is the best of the best.

Zinc Oxide is well established as the most effective sunscreen ingredient across the board. For starters, Zinc Oxide is the only sunscreen ingredient, chemical or mineral, to protect against UVB, short UVA, and long UVA rays. As you can see in the chart below, although Zinc Oxide’s sister in mineral sunscreen Titanium Dioxide also provides amazing coverage, it doesn’t quite extend into protection against those long UVA rays in the 400 nanometer range. When compared to some of the most common chemical sunscreen ingredients, there’s just no comparison. Each ingredient either covers some UVB rays or some UVA rays, but never both, and never from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Zinc Oxide is also known for being the gentlest sunscreen ingredient on the skin. It is often used in other topical treatments to treat skin irritations such as diaper rash, burns, and cuts. It is also the primary, and often only, ingredient used in sunscreen created specifically for children. Because it is great for soothing irritated skin, we recommend using a product with a high Zinc Oxide content post-procedure, like a chemical peel.

Another noteworthy trait of Zinc Oxide is that it is photostable, meaning it will not degrade in sunlight. This is so important for keeping your skin protected. A sunscreen that breaks down in sunlight is going to be less effective and not protect you as long.

Now let’s talk about the star of this show, TIZO Ultra Zinc SPF 40! It’s called ULTRA Zinc for a reason: it’s formulated with 20% Zinc Oxide as the only active ingredient. That’s a lot of Zinc Oxide! For all the reasons listed above, TIZO Ultra Zinc SPF 40 is the most gentle, versatile product. Not only is it fabulous for anybody with sensitive skin, but it’s great for use post-procedure, like a chemical peel. When the skin is compromised post-procedure and extra sensitive, you will want to use something that is gentle and healing. So, Zinc Oxide! TIZO Ultra Zinc SPF 40 is also the most versatile for different skin tones. It blends beautifully with both dark and fair skin tones, leaving no white cast. It has a gorgeous dewy finish that really makes your skin glow.

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