TiZO Sunscreen and Skincare Tips From Mom

Mothers and Mother Figures teach us everything from how to walk and talk to how long food stays good in the fridge. We don’t know how it’s possible, but they seem to know EVERYTHING. Naturally, when needing skincare tips, there’s only one place to ask first… our moms!  

Here are a few skincare tips and tricks the Tizo Team learned from our mothers:  

 “My mom taught me to never go to sleep with my makeup on” – Lauren, National Account Coordinator  

“My mom always said to drink plenty of water because it makes the biggest difference and also to do skincare on your hands as well as your face!”- Rosevelyn, National Account Coordinator  

“Make sure you apply your sunscreen at home before you get dressed so you don’t miss any spots. Don’t forget to re-apply!”- Kayleigh, National Account Coordinator  

 “STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE!!” – Dijon, Account Manager  

“My mom taught me to always apply eye cream with my ring finger.” – Jen, Digital Marketing Manager 

“My mom taught me to always take my makeup off at night and wear moisturizer” – Katie, National Account Coordinator  

“My mama taught me to don’t forget the neck!” – Lys, Associate Project Manager 

“My mom taught me to always remove my makeup before bed, and avoid the sun like the plague” – Patti, Account Manager 

“My mama taught me to lightly pat on my products and to double cleanse when I have makeup on” – Lisa, Senior Director of Marketing & Business Development  

“My mom taught me to keep my routine simple, don’t over complicate it” – Lindsey, Senior Graphic Designer  

We hope you enjoyed learning our families’ recipes for beautiful skin at any age! If you have any skincare tips that are passed down from your mother or mother figure, we would love to read them in the comments below! 

Happy Mother’s Day! 
The TiZO Team  

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