Tinted or Non-Tinted? Which is right for you?

Tinted or Non-Tinted? Which is right for you?

Is your complexion uneven? Do you have a darker skin tone? Or a super fair skin tone? Are you wearing light colored clothing? All of these should be taken into consideration when choosing whether tinted or non-tinted sunscreen is for you. Let’s break it down.

Uneven Complexion

If your skin tends to be a little on the red side (hi, rosacea!), or blotchy and uneven, then your best bet is to go for a tinted sunscreen that will help blur imperfections and even out the your skin tone. TIZO3 SPF 40 is perfect in these cases. The tint is a little darker than our other formulas, but it provides a sheer coverage that helps even out your skin tone. All the other amazing things are just bonus. Like the fact that it doubles as a makeup primer, is water resistant for 80 minutes, and has the silkiest texture!

Dark Skin Tones

We understand the bad rap that mineral sunscreens have. You know, the whole “white cast” issue. No worries here! We have multiple products that look beautiful on darker skin tones. Our top pick is TIZO Ultra Zinc Tinted SPF 40, which provides incredible coverage without leaving a white cast. Like, not even a little bit. It blends beautifully on darker skin tones and leaves your skin looking glowy and hydrated. With 20% zinc oxide as the only active ingredient, it is so gentle on the skin and feels incredible. TIZO3 SPF 40 is also great on darker skin tones. With the sheer tint and a matte finish, it layers incredibly under makeup and preps your skin for a long day of being flawless!

Fair Skin Tones

We get it, even the lightest tint sometimes leaves you looking a little orange. No worries here, though! All of our formulas are available non-tinted as well! Love the luxurious texture of TIZO3? Check out TIZO2 SPF 40 instead! It has the same great feel, the same matte finish, and primes your makeup just the same. It’s just non-tinted! If you need a little more moisture, both TIZO Ultra Zinc Non-Tinted SPF 40 and TIZO AM Replenish SPF 40 provide your skin with that extra hydration. Whichever non-tinted product you choose, your skin will be so happy and look great!

Light Colored Clothing

You always want to be careful using tinted products with lighter clothing.  Have you ever seen a foundation ring on a collared shirt? It’s never a good look. That’s why we suggest using a non-tinted product on your neck and decolletage on those days. Same thing with white or light bathing suits. You’ll want to opt for a non-tinted body sunscreen. We suggest TIZO Sheerfoam Non-Tinted SPF 30. Not only is it super fun to apply, but it is so lightweight that you don’t even feel like you’re wearing sunscreen!

However you choose to wear your sunscreen is great, and works for us. But if you needed a little direction on what sunscreen works best for you, we hope you found this helpful!



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