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Melanoma Awareness Month Spotlight: Meghan Rothschild

Melanoma Awareness Month Spotlight: Meghan Rothschild

May is Melanoma Awareness Month—a time dedicated to shining a spotlight on one of the most prevalent yet often misunderstood forms of cancer. Throughout this month, we at TiZO will embark on a journey of education, advocacy, and empowerment to raise awareness about the risks, early detection, and prevention strategies associated with this potentially deadly disease. We had a Q&A session with Melanoma survivor Meghan Rothschild to kick off the month. 


  • Could you share a bit about your journey with melanoma? When were you diagnosed, and what was your initial reaction?
  • After noticing a spot on my stomach that wouldn’t stop itching, I decided to bring it to the attention of my NP at my next check-in. She told me it “looked fine,” but even at the age of 19, I knew something wasn’t right. So, I pushed and demanded a referral to have it removed. A few weeks later, I was told I had melanoma and that my next steps were surgery. Not anticipating any of this, I had gone to the appointment alone. My reaction was one of terror. To hear the words “you have cancer at 19 is pretty intense, especially when you’re alone.” 


  • What were some of your biggest challenges during your treatment and recovery process?
  • My biggest challenge was trying to maintain a normal college experience. I was a sophomore in the middle of a semester, doing my best to keep my grades up and attend classes. I lived over two hours away, so the back-and-forth of appointments and post-surgery recovery was a tremendous challenge.

  • How did your diagnosis impact your daily life and relationships with friends and family?
  • My mother was a mess. She was so upset and blamed herself for my diagnosis. My sisters and father were worried sick. Luckily, my incredibly supportive family had stepped in to help. My friends were both shocked but didn’t realize my situation’s severity. Everyone thinks skin cancer is “no big deal,” so when I came back with drainage tubes and huge incisions that needed healing, there was a wake-up call. 


  • Were there any specific resources or support systems that were particularly helpful to you during your journey?
  • I started searching around and found some nonprofit organizations to which I reached out. Given that skin cancer is the most common form of ALL cancers, there wasn’t an adequate amount of information out there. Luckily, some of the nonprofits responded, and I was able to get involved while getting answers to some of my questions.


    • What advice would you give to others who have been diagnosed with melanoma or are undergoing treatment?

    Melanoma is a type of cancer that can be cured, so I always encourage people to keep hope alive. Lean on friends and family and reach out to a local or regional nonprofit specializing in skin cancer. Remember to give yourself space to rest and recover. 


  • How has your perspective on life changed since your diagnosis?
  • I set a lot of boundaries these days! I work hard, but I play hard too. Facing your mortality at the age of 19 teaches you that life is too short to sweat the small stuff. I build a lot of time for self-care and enjoy every minute.

  • What misconceptions do you encounter about melanoma or skin cancer that you want to address?
  • People do not take skin cancer seriously, which is incredibly frustrating because melanoma can be deadly. I’ve tried very hard over the years to educate people about early detection and prevention because it’s critical when it comes to melanoma. Wearing SPF every day is so important, which is why I turn to TiZO for so many of my skincare needs. We know that preventative behaviors can reduce your risk of skin cancer, so protect yourself early on! 


  • In what ways do you prioritize sun safety and skin health now? What are your TiZO essentials?
  • I love TiZO for so many reasons, but they make it SO easy to protect your skin with SPF! The eye cream is one of my top products - sometimes, we forget to protect that area of our face, but TiZO makes that process seamless. I reach for the whole SPF line when I head outdoors or to the beach; it’s a one-stop shop!

  • Can you share any tips for others on advocating for their health and communicating effectively with healthcare providers?
  • Use your voice and speak up. I can’t tell you how often someone tells me a story about a doctor missing something. Follow your gut, and if you don't like what the doctor has to say, get a second opinion. I know we WANT to believe that the doctor knows best, but sometimes, we just know our bodies. If something seems off, push until you get the answer you need.

  • What are some things you are grateful for or have learned from your melanoma experience?
  • I turned my story into a career when I was a full-time spokesperson for a national nonprofit, and now I get to work with TiZO to continue educating the masses. I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason, and this work is very important to me. I am grateful for every opportunity to share my story and encourage others to be safe when it comes to protecting their skin!

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