How to Protect These 3 Spots That Age Fast

Studies show that sun exposure may cause up to 90% of visible skin aging, and sometimes it’s pretty easy to tell which body parts tend to show age faster than others. Let’s break down a few of those spots, address why they seem to show age fast, and discuss a few tips and tricks to help prevent it from happening! 



The body part that people always say shows age fast is the hands. Think about it: we use our hands for EVERYTHING. It only makes sense that they start to show advanced signs of aging such as age spots and wrinkles faster than other body parts. This is largely due to the skin on our hands being so thin and fragile. Consider how easily you can see your veins through the skin on your hands. We bet you’re looking right now, aren’t you? 😉 We use our hands all the time and they are constantly exposed to the elements, including the sun, all year round and we don’t even think about it! We tend to focus our skincare routine on our face and forget about the body part that is applying the products.  

 One easy change you can implement in your routine is to apply SPF to your hands while you are applying SPF to your face. When you’re applying your sunscreen to your face in the morning, place a little more product than you normally would for your facial application on your fingertips and rub some onto the back of your hands. Before you know it, this will become a part of your daily morning routine without even having to think about it!  

 Keep in mind that reapplication is so important! It’s safe to assume that you’re probably washing your hands a few times a day, so the need for reapplication is definitely there! But the hardest part about reapplication is remembering to reapply so here’s a TiZO Tip: Keep your TiZO Mineral Stick Non-Tinted SPF 45 (or Tinted) nearby for a quick, easy reapplication throughout the day. You can keep one next to the soap in your bathroom! This product is great because not only is it easy and mess free, but it comes in conveniently sized packaging to make it easy to tote around. Keep one in your bag or wherever you store your hand sanitizer. That way, reapplication is sure to be on your mind every time you wash or sanitize your hands!  



The neck is another area that tends to show age quickly, which is usually due to the fact that our neck gets just as much sun exposure as our face but doesn’t get all the skincare love. The best thing you can do is extend all the skincare you apply to your face down your neck! Many of the ingredients in your skincare that you use for anti-aging on your face like retinol, peptides, and especially sunscreen can all be used to help prevent and reverse damage on your neck as well.  

 TiZO Tip: When you are applying these products to your neck make sure to apply them in an upward motion, starting at your collar bone and gently rubbing towards your chin. Applying in a downward motion causes you to pull your skin down, which can potentially lead to sagging and wrinkling in the future. And as always, don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen to the neck area throughout the day! So go ahead and apply your serums, moisturizer, and sunscreen on your neck every day! 



Similar to the neck, our chest gets a lot of sun exposure but doesn’t get the same skincare treatment as our face! The best way to prevent signs of aging on the chest such as dark spots and wrinkles is to apply sunscreen on your chest as part of your morning skincare routine! We recommend using TiZO Ultra Zinc Non-Tinted SPF 40 because it blends on all skin tones and the tint won’t interfere with light colored clothing. We cannot stress this enough: re application throughout the day is KEY. And because people don’t typically apply makeup to their chest, it makes reapplication super easy.  

 TiZO Tip: If you are planning to sit in the sun for an extended period, particularly during the summer months, always cover your chest with a T-shirt or a towel to try and limit the amount of sun exposure your chest is getting! You’d be surprised how much damage that extended exposure and especially sunburn can cause now and down the line. 


By implementing these solutions into your daily routine, know that you’re not only protecting yourself now, but you are ensuring healthier skin in your future. Remember to be kind to yourself, as aging is a part of life that should be celebrated! Do you have any other tips for protecting spots that show age quickly? Let us know in the comments! 

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