Deck the Halls with Boughs of TIZO!

If you’re anything like us, the holiday gift buying procrastination is intentional yet inevitable. Struggling with what to get your friends and family this holiday season? With time winding down, we know picking out a functional yet thoughtful gift for your loved ones is the hardest part about holiday shopping. Not to worry! TIZO’s got you covered with our Holiday gift guide! This year, we’ve hand-selected products that we think would make perfect, thoughtful gifts for those that mean the most to you.

For the Trendsetter:

Gentle Amino Gel Cleanser

We all have that friend who can predict trends before they’re even trendy. We’re talking about your friend who was wearing straight-leg jeans while the rest of us were suffocating in skinny jeans. This friend lives for the latest styles and new product launches which is why TIZO’s Gentle Amino Gel Cleanser is the perfect gift. As the newest member of the TIZO family, this gel cleanser is perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It contains a blend of 11 amino acids, green tea extract, copper ferment, and glycerin to hydrate and soothe as it cleanses. Your trendy bestie will be jealous you found it before them .

For the make-up artist:


You could go to the store and buy your makeup loving bestie an eyeshadow pallet, but how many neutral shades can one have? Face products are always tricky because color matching a foundation is harder than trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded. This is where TIZO has got your back! TIZO3 is the perfect gift for any makeup artist or makeup lover in general. With a universal tint that blends in with virtually every skin tone, you don’t need to worry about shade matching! TIZO3 provides the perfect matte base for any makeup look because it doubles as amakeup primer. Oh, and did we mention it has SPF 40 and is water resistant for up to 80 minutes? Not only are you gifting a makeup primer, you’re gifting skincare that works to protect the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, prevent premature aging, and doesn’t harm the environment.

For the minimalist:

Mineral Sun Defense SPF 50

We all have that friend who has naturally flawless skin that looks perfect without even a drop of makeup. Or we know a guy who washes their face with the same bar of soap they use for their entire body. Jealous of both, for sure. We call them “minimalists” and their agenda includes products that are simple and functional. TIZO’s Mineral Sun Defense is the perfect product for your minimalist loved ones because its tinted, lightweight formula not only provides you with SPF 50 coverage, it also defends your skin against free radicals all with a sheer, satin finish!

For the Overachiever:

Eye Renewal SPF 20

How do you tell your hard working, overachieving loved one that their under-eye bags are far from designer? You don’t! You gift them TIZO’s Eye Renewal. TIZO’s Eye Renewal is designed to firm the eye area while smoothing and de-puffing at the same time. With a caffeine and botanical blend, this product aims to reduce the appearance of countless hours of hard work and late, sleepless nights. Additionally, TIZO’s Eye Renewal is an SPF 20 so when you’re venturing into the daylight to get another cup of coffee, the most sensitive area of your face is protected from harmful UV rays.

For the one that wants it all:

Skin Revitalizing Kit

Every year around the beginning of November, retail stores line their shelves with kits for the duration of the Holiday season. But we’re not talking about a kit you get for your six-year-old niece who’s just beginning to explore makeup. TIZO’s Skin Revitalizing kit contains five products for the perfect skincare routine. Clinically proven to help repair, protect, and revitalize skin, we couldn’t have made it any easier for you! TIZO’s Skin Revitalizing kit is a one stop shop for your skincare needs. It includes TIZO’s AM/PM Foaming Cleanser, AM Replenish, Complexion Brightener, PM Restore, and Moisturizer. This regimen can be customized to fit your morning or nighttime routine as you see fit! The entire regimen helps to prevent future photodamage and what’s more thoughtful than a gift that says, “I care about your future photodamage”?

For the skincare enthusiast:

Vitamin C+E Advanced Serum

Finally, the skincare enthusiast. When you want to get your loved one a product with ingredients they’ll appreciate, your answer is TIZO’s Vitamin C+E Advanced Serum. This serum works to firm your skin and help reduce the signs of aging. With Ferulic Acid and Bakuchiol, our triple Antioxidant formula helps defend the skin against damage by neutralizing free radicals caused by exposure to the sun and other environmental aggressors. This serum helps reveals your skin’s natural radiance and showcases bright, healthy skin. We hope this gift buying guide has made your holiday shopping experience a bit more joyful. The holidays are stressful enough, so we figured we’d take the stress of buying the perfect gift off your hands. We’ll take any extra holiday baked goods off your hands too .

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