4 Ways to Save Your Skin This Summer

Summer is here!  Sunshine, beach, pool, or just around town ... basically any place with the sun shining is perfect.  An easy, carefree summer is the ultimate goal.  Shorter hemlines and longer days bring more sun exposure and can lead to premature aging.  Here are just a few easy steps you can take this summer to help keep your skin happy, healthy, and beautiful!


1. Wear Sunscreen

This one may seem obvious but according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, one out of every three Americans reports getting sunburned each year. We all know that friend who has gotten a horrible sunburn; the first question you usually ask them is “well, did you wear sunscreen?”. The follow-up question should always be “did you reapply?”. Re-application is equally as important as the initial application! Now that we’re getting into the swing of Summer, our friend, the sun, is visiting much more frequently. Sweat and water, two things we regularly encounter in the Summer months, diminish the effectiveness of your SPF over time which is why it’s so important to reapply. Finding a water resistant sunscreen is also a great way to help ensure you're getting better coverage. TIZO sunscreens are either 40 or 80 minutes water resistant. It’s still important to note that you have to reapply even with a water resistant SPF. Refer to the back of your sunscreen for re-application instructions.


 2. Wear a hat to protect your scalp, face and neck

 Solution two is a fashionable and effective way to protect your skin from the sun! Ball caps, cowboy hats, fedoras, bucket hats, you name it; hats are a great, physical barrier between the sun and some more sensitive parts of your body such as the face, scalp and neck. Wide brimmed hats are preferred for this method because they provide more shade to protect your ears and neck. Remember that the sun can have very harmful effects on your eyes so wearing sunglasses is also important. When choosing the most protective sunglasses, look for shades that block out UVA and UVB rays and screen out a high percentage of visible light.


 3. Seek shade during the hours of 10am and 2pm (when the sun is the strongest)

 Shade not only gives you a break from sweltering heat, it gives your skin a break from UV rays! Shade can be natural, such as trees and other vegetation, or manmade such as awnings, buildings and umbrellas. By monitoring the daily UV index, you can utilize shade when it’s the highest! It’s important to note that clouds are NOT a form of shade. You're still vulnerable to the harmful effects of the sun on a cloudy day. Regardless of cloud cover, UVA rays cause premature aging of the skin and can contribute to skin cancer. Cloudy days are dangerous because you think you don’t need sunscreen but really you do; your skin will thank you later!


 4. Wear a cover up or UV protective clothing

 In addition to wearing a hat, you can wear a cover up or UV protective clothing for additional protection! Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) measures how much UV radiation an article of clothing allows to reach your skin. Believe it or not, the color of clothing is a major component of a garment’s UPF. Dark and bright clothing absorbs more of the sun’s rays so it doesn’t reach your skin. Another major component is the composition of the clothing. Densely woven clothing is more protective than sheer or loosely woven clothing. Hold your clothing up to the sun! If you can easily see the sun through your garment, UV rays will undoubtedly be able to penetrate it and reach your skin.

Now with these tips in mind, you are ready for the carefree Summer you deserve! Go outside, enjoy the sunshine, stay protected and WEAR SUNSCREEN.


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