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This. Is. Biohacking.

This. Is. Biohacking.

Hi friends!

I’m Alexa, my mom, Anna Beth and I are a mother-daughter biohacking duo and we’re on a journey to live our longest and healthiest life. I’m sure you're probably wondering what biohacking even is. Well, we’re excited to teach you! By definition, biohacking is the art and science of changing the environment around you and inside of you so you have full control over your own biology. In essence, my mom and I like to find biohacks that will help us live our longest and healthiest life and maximize our time on Earth.

Earth Day is right around the corner (April 22nd) and my mom and I are getting creative this year. To celebrate, we are sharing three simple biohacks you can do with us to celebrate the planet that we get to call home!

Down to Earth

Do you ever feel at peace when you’re barefoot with nature? That’s because you’re “Earthing” and actually practicing one of our favorite biohacks!

Standing barefoot on Earth, whether it's the grass, sand, or even concrete,  stimulates a natural electric charge in our body. In school, we all learned that the Earth is made of atoms that generate an electric charge. It turns out, that electric charge is negative, and as humans, in our day-to-day routine, we naturally develop an internal positive charge. This may sound good, but it isn’t. The positive charge supports the production of disease, and inflammation and inhibits energy production. One way to fix this is through earthing. We can neutralize our positive charge with the Earth’s natural negative charge by standing barefoot on the sidewalk, a patch of grass, the sand, or even on a grounding mat.

So this Earth Day, we’re encouraging you to spend time with Earth barefoot. Even if it’s outside on the concrete, you’ll notice an immediate improvement in your mood, body tension, and energy level.

Health and Well Blooming

There’s a plethora of scientific evidence showing that plants have an impact on our health. Having plants around us definitely improves our mood and emotional state. I mean, who doesn’t feel better walking into the Home Depot garden section?

Besides the point.

The University of Michigan recently published evidence that showed having plants in the workplace and at home can actually improve our memory retention and concentration! We’re so in. More plants equal more brainpower!

Research has also shown that indoor plants significantly benefit our lung health. Indoor plants allow for the absorption of toxins and produce more oxygen. Tropical plants, specifically increase the humidity in the air, which can increase our immunity, and improve skin conditions and lung diseases like COPD.

Try adding some indoor plants and greenery to your home and/or workspace this Earth Day and improve your cognition and lung health too!

Waking Up with the Sun & SPF

It turns out, that sunlight and sun exposure is super important for our overall hormone balance. My mom and I learned about a biohack this year from Andrew Huberman, Ph.D., and professor at Stanford University. He emphasized the benefits of seeing sunlight as soon as you wake up. By seeing sunlight first thing in the morning, your brain is able to balance the timing of cortisol and melatonin, allowing for optimal timing for our hormone release.

However, with sun exposure comes skin cancer and premature aging risk. That’s why my mom and I never go in the sun without our TiZO® SPF, we get to practice this biohack safely when we have it on! Plus TiZO’s formula is 100% mineral sunscreen-based, coral reef-friendly and cruelty-free, and very Earth Day appropriate if you ask us!

So this Earth Day, practice seeing the sun first thing in the morning (with your SPF of course) and journal how you feel. According to Huberman, practicing this daily will lead to better stress management and improved sleep!

We hope you enjoyed these Earth Day-inspired biohacks! Let us know if you use them and share them with us on Instagram! We’d love for you to join us in our quest to live our longest and healthiest life!

 Happy Earth Day, Biohackers! 


Alexa and Anna Beth Fishman // Mother-Daughter Biohacker Duo

Instagram: @abiohackersjourney

Podcast: This. Is. Biohacking. 




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